Wiang Kum Kam Trip

wiangkumkam เวียงกุมกาม เชียงใหม่

Wiang Kum Kam was established as the pivotal riverside trading hub of his kingdom by King Mangrai, after severe flooding over took a previous site. A moat was dug around all four sides of the city and an extensive royal Palace was built. Then priority was given to construction of a market – place. Many boats converged on the city for purposes of trade. Pleased, King Mangrai ordered the building of imposing Kuu Kham temple (Wat Jedee Liam) for public veneration. Power-seeking expeditions by the king led to peace offerings from neighbouring states: firstly, a beautiful royal bride and then came hundreds of expert crafte-men –goldsmiths,bronzesmiths, ironsmiths, etc. In thanks for this good fortune, significant temples were built.

River Cruise Itinerary
1.Pleasant 15 minute journey down river aboard spacious new and comfortable teak fitted cruise boat.
2.Tour by horse and carriage to visit 6 temple at wiang kum kam about 45 minute- 1 hr.
3. Relaxed boat journey back to town .Enjoy Thai Sweet Dessert and herb juice on the boat . And return to your hotel.

– Boat departs four time a day 9.00am.,11.30am.,2.00pm., and 4.00pm.
– Free pick up at hotel (hotel area chiangmai city)


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