Message from our Managing Director

During 45 years of my life, I’ve been living with water resources such as a creek, swamp, and canal. Until the current time, Ping River provides life and opportunity of earning a living includes traveling business for more than 20 years ago. Preecha (Supachai Natngamkam) had settled himself in Chiang Mai and started his business as the first agents of ecotourism (since 1992). In the first few years, we did not earn a lot of return on investment. With the laboriousness and commitment in what we love includes doing it step by step, we are able to run our business to the current time. We would like to thank you to the former pastor of Wat Chaimongkol (Teacher Prayat) and current pastor of Wat Chaimongkol (Provost Palad Somkeaw Sujitto) that gave us their courtesy in this holy place in Chiang Mai and blessed our family from then and so on.

I hope that our Mea Ping Cruise’s activities could give you the knowledge of Thai living style and bring a full of joy to you all. We do appreciate your feedback to improve our service, and we will conserve these beauties of living for the new generations.

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