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Mae Ping River Cruise Co., Ltd.’s founder profile (Supachai (Preecha) Natngamkam)
He was born in Klong Prakanong district, Bangkok, which is the same one in the legend of Mae Nak Prakanong at Mahabut temple. He started his cruise traveling business around 1969. Most of the tourists at that time were American soldier that came to visit Bangkok for their vacation. He took the visitors to see the beauty of living along the canals (Klong) such as Klongton, Klonghuamak, Klongbaanpah, and Klongprakanong. The cruise also passed a lot of villages and paddy fields, which is full of natural atmosphere and living. The trip also let the tourist visit “Preecha Garden,” which provided a lot of activities such as fishing, boxing, cockfighting, Betta fighting and monkey show surrounded by nature scenario. The tourists were full of joy and happiness.

After 3-4 years of our business, the civilization had come to the area. Both sides of the canals were full of houses and a lot of people. Also, the nature living of life had gone through the time. Most waters in the canal became polluted, full of garbage and bad smell. The place turned into the inappropriate place for a visit, and fewer tourists went there. Finally, he decided to move his business to Chiang Mai by mainly located at Ping River, which is the main river of Chiang Mai. Ping River was very calm and full of natural living style, which is ideal for his ecotourism business.

He asked for permission from Wat Chaimongkol’s prelate (Teacher Prayat Hongnual) for using Wat Chaimongkol’s waterfront for mooring his cruises and bringing the tourists onto the cruise for their Mea Ping trip with the promise of bringing fish to Wat Chaimongkol’s waterfront. As he said so, he did it. Preecha brought a lot of fish to the docks. So those tourists or prayers could feed the fish. Currently, the waterfront becomes a natural breeding ground for fish. Moreover, Preecha also arranges Kathin ceremony as an opportunity for the prayers to visit Ping River and make a merit along the river for free. He believes that these acts will bless his family and business from then and now on.



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